Friday, May 31, 2013

Android Phone Baby Monitor

Have a little kid or baby at home?  

It is such a disaster when it comes to dinner time.  The kids are running around annoying you or worrying about the new born in bed when you are cooking, doing laundry, and other housework.  Isn't it great if you can have camera set up and watch your kids on your tablet or phone with you ?  There are many options out there, but most of the time is just buying one camera and able to watch from one other device.  It costs money and very limited benefits.  Why don't you just reuse your old smart phone you have at home, use your old phone as a camera, and watch it on your smart devices! Follow the few steps below to DIY your baby monitor!

What you need:

Any android device, but for camera purpose, android phone will be better since it is smaller.
The phone holder can be purchased online for a cheap price.  Then you can hold the phone stably.

 What APPS to use?

You can download them from Google Play
For the camera phone: eLook Mobile Cam << Click to learn more about the APP
For the device that stream the video: eLook Mobile Viewer  <<Click to learn how to install

How to use the APPS?

1.  The video is streaming through wifi, so make sure both of your phones are connected to internet.
2. On camera phone, make sure the APP eLook Mobile Cam is RUNNING
3. On the streaming phone, make sure you have picked the right camera.

This is very useful because you can bring the tablet or phone with you and able to watch your baby when you are cooking in the kitchen or doing laundry in the basement, etc.   And more, you can even watch it when you are not at home using your data plan!


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