Thursday, May 30, 2013

Watch, Record and Share: UniVRT one stop solution!

One software do it ALL

Isn't it annoying that you need to use different programs to watch your cameras, record them and share them?  It just takes forever to run different software to get the job done.  Good news is: UniVRT integrated everything and it is very simple to use.  It makes your LIFE TIME EVENT much easier to remember.

Real Time Streaming!

You probably have many cameras recording the events at once!  Not only limited to surveillance purpose.  You can set up multiple cameras for an event, and real time stream to you devices!  Your wedding, party, occasion gathering, reunions, you name it, you can record at different angle to capture to most precious moment and you won't miss out any details!  You can use your IP cameras, webcam or phone camera.

Record your moment

Beside life time streaming, of cause you will want to record them.  Since UniVRT allows you record up to four cameras, you can record all of them at the same time.  Or if you don't want to leave record for some embarrass moment, you can skip them.  Everything is just a few click away!  Learn HOW.

Sharing to your friends and family

Your happiness can share to your friends and family anywhere with internet access.  It is not limited to location anymore.  UniVRT allows you to broadcast live video to other users.  Everyone can celebrate together!  Learn how.

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