Thursday, May 30, 2013

UShow Experience

HermesDDS UShow Experience!
Taipei Computex 2013, Exhibition Hall 3 G0717

What is UShow?
UShow is a channel provided by HermesDDS.  It is a demonstration of HermesDDS applications with different software.  It is now an open channel open to public. 

What am I watching?
The broadcasting camera is UShow’s camera NVRT1.  It is now located in Bai Sha Elementary School, Changhua.  It is capturing Malayan Night Heron hatching four eggs.  Malayan Night Heron is a very rare bleed in Taiwan.  They are usually active at night time.  The first baby bird is expected to be hatched on May 25th.  Therefore you might witness a baby bird born!  For more information about Malayan Nigh heron, click here.

How do I watch on PC?

1.   Register a HermesDDS account HERE.   Then install HermesDDS AP (This control panel helps you manage all HermesDDS service, please refer to HermesDDS AP user manual).

2.      Log in your HermesDDS AP with your HermesDDS account. Double click “UShow” icon.

If it is your first time viewing UShow, it will direct you to install UE Viewer.  UE viewer is software that supports UniVRT.  (Find out what is UniVRT)
If you have already installed UE Viewer, it will run after you double clicked.  UE viewer log in page will pop out.  Enter “User1” for user ID and leave password blank. Then click “OK”

Allow a few seconds to load the images.  The latency might vary depending on the wifi network you are using.

How do I watch from Android device?
1.      Download eLook Viewer to your Android device 
2.      Create a HermesDDS account
3.      Pick and click the check button.

If you are testing the APP now in the Exhibition center, you might experience some latency due to the 3G network.  

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