Monday, June 3, 2013

Setting up your IP camera

Setting IP camera is confusing.  Of cause you can view your camera of VLC or somewhere else.  However, HermesDDS Hercules IP camera Sharing combined everything.

It help you to share your camera easily and you don't have to set up your IP setting every time you use another computer*.  Moreover, you can view them on your cell phone, too.

You will need a few things:
1. IP camera(s) and its USER MANUAL (or you can search it)
2. HermesDDS account (click here to register)
3. HermesDDS AP (click here to learn more)
4. Hercules IP camera Sharing.  If  you read the first paragraph, you should have Hercules IP camera Sharing downloaded

Adding your device

After you log into your HermesDDS account from portal, you need to register your IP camera software.  On the left hand side of the window, you will find a button for "Add New Device".

Then add your device.  Device Brand = UniSVR; Device Model = Hercules IP camera Sharing; and put device name as your choice.
You can either click next or 'Buy Service'.  HermesDDS is now offering 90-days free trial from now to August 31st, 2013.

Setting up cameras

After you installed Hercules IP camera Sharing, you should have two programs installed: Hercules Tool and Hercules GW-i under the folder Hercules GW-i from your "Start Menu".  Hercules GW-i run automatically when you start your computer, or else you have to open it.
Then run Hercules Tool, the set up wizard will pop out. First screen is to log into the server.  Everything is pre-filled, just need to enter the default password.

Click next, keep "Change password" and "General Setting" the same.  Enable HermesDDS Sevice  on the "HeresDDS Setting" tab.  Enter your account infomation, and then you can search your device.  The device name should appear the one you named from Protal.  Click "Save" then "Next".

You need to enter your IP camera setting on the next page.  Please have your IP camera user manual ready (in case you don't know its setting).  Click on the channel, then the whole row should be highlighted in blue color.  In the middle: for "Device name = RTSP; "Model name"= General RTSP (red box).  It will then pre-filled "Device name " and "Port" (blue box).  You can find your device IP address from the user manual (yellow box).  "User ID" and "Password" can be changed in your IP camera setting (yellow box).
In "General Device CGI" section, Port (red box) is usually 554; Video CGI can be found in the IP camera setting; Protocol refers to the user manual.  Click "Save" then "Next".

On the next screen, you can select the channel you want to watch from the drop-down menu.  Click "Start".

You can add more cameras from the "Device setting" tab.  Please note that before you enter the camera's profile, you need to SELECT then channel on top FIRST.  You can switch the camera from the drop down menu.

Watch your videos somewhere else?

The very first thing you HAVE to do is to "Start" the camera as previous step showed.  (This is like turning on the camera for computer to recogconized)
If you want to watch this from other computer yourself, log into your HermesDDS AP, double click the icon.    Hercules Viewer will run automatically or will be downloaded (click here to learn more).
If you want to share with your friend, you need to share it from Protal website, click here to find out how.

*Please refer to our supporting IP camera listing, more IP cameras will be added!


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