Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Pet Monitor v1!

  Pompom is sitting on sink :)

Watching your pet when you are away!

I used to cage it when I was renting the apartment because some tenants were not that pet-friendly.  And since other tenants were not pet-friendly, I did set up a camera near the cage.  I used my old cell phone as a camera and able to watch on computer and my android phone.  (Cell phone is small and portable.  The camera is just to make sure everyone I was still watching my dog even though I am not home.)

 Hide and Seek!

Mounting the phone and setting up

I used something like the phone holder u use in car to hold the phone.  It fits pretty well on the cage.  Or you can use the clip one I introduced in Baby monitor.  The phone was near power outlet since I had the phone on for long time (the phone screen was off tho).  
This frame's arm can be transformer to different shape to fit differen phone.  It is quite durable and can hold my galaxy S3 in my car.

The APP I used on my old HTC android was : eLook Mobile Cam

 "I am a TIGER RAWRR!!!"

Watching PomPom

I can watch him from my cell phone using : eLook Mobile Viewer.  I don't really watch him on computer but the software allows you by using HermesDDS AP.  He just cheers me up when I am at work :) <3 Pompom

 Baby Pom 2010

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