Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Store Surveillance

Worry about your store when you are not there?  Here is the solution!

One of the main problem a small to medium size business owner has is the store security problem.  Shoplifter, cashier machine, are the employees being responsible, is the night shift safe...etc.   Of cause having surveillance cameras at all the stores will be perfect.  However, it could be very expensive, and most of the time it does not have the ability to allow the owner watches from different devices.

UniVRT one stop solution

UniVRT is an integrated software that support different kind of cameras, including IP cameras, android phone camera and webcam.  It can view and record four cameras at a time.  It is definitely eco-friendly since you can use existing equipment.  

UniVRT is a video/audio platform.  I recommend reading this first to have a deeper understanding of how everything is connected.  For each kind of camera, you will need to have the corresponding software to link it to HermesDDS Cloud service:

3. Mobile Camera = eLook Mobile Cam (APP on android device)

As I mentioned before, you can see all your cameras from one screen.  You can see the cameras from your android device or computer as long as you have wifi access.  The best part is, you can also record all the camera at once or separately at your selected time.  

Read Setting up UniVRT to read step by step tutorial of installing this software.  
 User interface of UniVRT

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