Tuesday, June 11, 2013

DIY Home Security Camera v1!

DIY Home Security Cameras

Home security is even more important in this downsizing economy. Let's DO IT YOURSELF to set up home surveillance system. But what am I going to do with the firewall and IP setting?!  Firewall and IP setting are the major problems when setting up home surveillance cameras.  I found this very simple integrated software and allow me to re-use some of my old electronics at home.

What equipment did I use?
I used my old android phones and my webcams.  Webcam is kind of like a spy-cam because no one thinks it is a live surveillance camera.  Android phone needs a frame to hold it in place.  You can find it cheap online.  And remember it needs to mount to outlet because android phone runs out of battery pretty quickly.  

1.  Android phone >> install eLook Mobile Cam
2.  Webcam >> install Hercules Webcam Sharing
3.  IP cameras >> install Hercules IP Camera Sharing

Recording Videos
I can watch 4 cameras and watch it from one screen using UniVRT.

UniVRT also allows record all the videos at selected time.  Watching playback is very convenient because the video is stored on the computer that installed UniSVR.  You can also let your other family members to watch the camera. (Learn how)


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