Monday, June 3, 2013

Connecting Devices

HermesDDS provides different solutions to different devices.  This will explain how everything is connected. However, when you are using HermesDDS AP, double click device icon will download the software for you automatically.

Cameras to HermesDDS

The cameras need to be turned on in order for computer to recognized the device is on.  If  you use the following device as camera, you will need to run the corresponding software.  When the software is running, you need to "Start" the camera.
Mobile Camera = eLook Mobile Cam (APP on android device)

Watching the camera

If you want to watch more than one camera, you will need to use our platform UniVRT, otherwise if you are watching one camera on:
Computer = Hercules Viewer
You can still share to many people but the upload speed will limit the quality.  It is because let say you are using eLook Mobile Cam to eLook Mobile Viewer and Hercules viewer, the video is uploaded separately and sent to two devices.  If you use UniVRT, it will upload once to UniVRT and share to other devices.

UniVRT recording and broadcasting

UniVRT is a platform that you can set up to four cameras at once, allow you record and replay all of them.  You can broadcast the video to many users and the quality is still good.  To watch camera that on UniVRT, if watching on:
Computer = UE viewer
Phone = eLook Viewer

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