Wednesday, February 19, 2014

Private Cloud Challenges? Not with us!

Cloud computing represents the latest trend in enterprise IT and presents a radical change in how organizations develop, deploy, and manage their enterprise applications.  They have been gaining momentum since they offer the same benefits as public platforms, including pay-as-you-go usage models, on-demand provisioning and scalability, while offering enhancements in regard to security, privacy, uptime and control of data. However, deploying a private cloud platform is not an easy task.

The major challenges of cloud deployment
There are many advantages of using private cloud, but there are many challenges of private cloud implementation.  Following are common questions raised by many people:
1.    How much does it cost to deploy a private cloud?
2.    What application should be included in the private cloud?
3.    How and who will monitor the private cloud consistency, performance and security?
Cost of entry = Huge investment myth

The private cloud infrastructure is complex, is advanced hardware required?  Absolutely not, it will depend on what features your company would like to have in your private cloud.  The major cost will be the bandwidth consumption within the organization.   HermesDDS private cloud service will help you to build the connection without troublesome network setting.  The hardware installation does not require any technical support.  
Need to develop your applications model/software?
HermesDDS private cloud service has developed many software applications for our customers.  The applications cover in many different areas for enterprise to take advantage of immediately.  Areas include but not limit to file management, collaboration, visual meeting, remote control and much more!  The private cloud service is totally scalable and flexible to customize to your business need.  

Reliability is my main concern

Absolutely right!  HermesDDS private cloud service has 24/7 email support and real person technical support during office hour.  We constantly maintain and testing our service to ensure highest satisfaction.   HermesDDS also continue developing more application to grow with your business!

For more information, please visit our Business management solution website and take advantage of our Free Trial.

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