Wednesday, February 19, 2014

Internet of things: is it the right investment for your home?

Everyone is talking about internet of things now.  Internet of things means when you connect your electronic devices to internet, and able to remote control them via internet from your mobile devices or computers.  Home automation is one way to express internet of things, for example, turning on your air conditioner with your cell phone before you get back home.

  Is home automation or internet of things affordable?  What happened if I buy more electronics at home or would like to add more switches?  According Jonathan S. Geller from, to automate an average-sized house, you can easily spend $50,000 to $75,000. And here’s the terrible part: You, the person paying for this, the family using this system every day and night, can’t change the automated system. You can’t update it yourself, and you can’t personalize it in any way yourself. Every time you want to make a change, you need to call your integrator and they will charge you hundreds of dollars an hour to make any adjustments and changes.
Shocking, right?  Lately, there is a company UniSVR doing the right thing to make it more affordable, and flexible for home owner to set up home automation.  UniSVR provides HermesDDS cloud service that allows home owners remote control from their android devices (cell phone and tablets) and/or from Windows computer.  The best part it, the home automation also supports video surveillance that enable you view your home IP camera from your phone, and record the video as well. 
It is the trend now to connect everything through Wi-Fi.  You can turn your lights on in the evening to protect your house, turn the air conditioner on when you are going home, and turn the heat higher when you are almost home.  It is just more energy saving, convenient and secure to your property.  You can learn more from the HermesDDS official website here.

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