Wednesday, February 19, 2014

How does private cloud benefit your business?

How does private cloud benefit your business?

Private cloud is a cloud infrastructure that shares solely for a single organization.  It can be storage or hardware resources.  With a managed cloud computing service, the stack of hardware becomes a customizable cloud of computing and storage resources for you to configure as you wish.

The main difference between private cloud and public cloud is that you cannot customize your cloud computer service or with limited flexibility with public cloud.  Therefore, a lot of time, you are paying more than what you demand for.  Here is a very interesting analogy to show the need of scalability by Yan Ness from

“Imagine you were responsible for bus transportation in a metropolitan area and were getting ready to order new buses that your community would need to live with for the next 7 years. Buses are available in 20, 30, or 50 seat configurations. You need 1,000-1,100 total seats to accommodate your population and the routes you’ve designed to service their needs. Each line is designed to maximize the use of a 20 or 50 seat bus. So, you guess and buy twenty, 20-seat buses, and twelve, 50 seat buses, and then hope it’s efficient for the next 7 years.”

A very obvious fact: as a business owner, you do not want something that only good for now and the next year, but for the future years as well.  UniSVR, a company provides HermeDDS private cloud service that has the flexibility and scalability .  HermesDDS cloud service covers storage , utilize hardware resource and business management.  I believe it is a very good start with many small to medium size business.  HermesDDS private cloud service covers the following

1.       File Management
Centralizing files data, also allow authorized users to access, download and upload to the private cloud computer.

2.       Video Surveillance
Through the centralized private cloud computer, video is being broadcast to other devices allowing authorized users to view and record.

3.       Remote Control
Hardware resources and electronic devices such as printers, switches and sensors are connected to the private cloud computer and remote control via internet.
Note that HermesDDS cloud service is compatible with Windows operation system and Android systems, which means you can access to the private cloud computer from your computer, cell phone and tablets.  Also, the private cloud is totally scalable and flexible that fit your business. 

You can learn more about HermesDDS private cloud service , Business management solution from their official website. 

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