Friday, September 13, 2013

Hercules IP Camera Sharing Box (HISB) Installation -1 (Hardware)

Hercules IP Camera Sharing Box (HISB) is a hardware correspond to Hercules IP camera Sharing Software plus a computer together.  It means you don't need to turn on your computer anymore and still able to connect to HermesDDS service and share your IP camera to others!
In this blog, you will learn how to set up and connect the equipment!


2. IP Camera
3. Ethernet Cables (one for HISB, one for each IP cam), note that they are not included in HISB or IP cam package

4. Splitter, router (to connect to internet)

Step 1 Connecting you IP Camera

You need to connect the IP camera to the internet first before you set up HISB.  

 The package I have comes with an IP cam, power cable, mount, CD ROM and user manual.
CD Rom and Manual.  The CD ROM has a installation wizard, I have to say it is much more complicated than setting up with HermesDDS.
Plug your Ethernet cable to the LAN (PoE).  On the other side of the Ethernet Cable, connect it to the splliter/router.  Plug power cable to DC 12V.
After plugged in.
The LAN slot's light should be on to indicate it connected to the internet or LAN environment.

Step 2 Setting up HISB

HISB has 3 indicator lights.

Plug Ethernet cable to LAN, and power cord to DC.

The LAN light should be turned on.

Power light is green means is HISB is on.  LAN light will turn red once it connected to router.  HermesDDS will turn red when it connects to HermesDDS.

That's it for setting up the hardware.  It looks a little messy for my experiment.


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