Thursday, July 10, 2014

Cloud Product and Service Demonstration to our visitors!

UniSVR (HermesDDS supporting company) has a group of visitors on July 10th.  It was our pleasure to have them visiting and learning more about our product and services.

We greet them and introduce UniSVR to them.

After the introduction, it was the demonstration!  At the door, we have the doorbell, IP camera, sensor and microphone setup.  It is part of the Smart Home, Internet of Things set up with Cloud technology.

The terms Smart Home and Internet of Things might be new to many people.  In simple word, Smart home allows you to live more comfortably and more convenient, by enabling you to remote control your home appliance or do home automation with your smart phone or computers from far away.  Internet of Things is connecting different kind of devices anytime and anywhere

The set up at door are connected to UniPCC (act as a server, as picture showed above).  In this smart phone set up, when a visitor rings the doorbell, it will trigger the light and IP camera, the light will turn on and the IP camera will take a snapshot.  Then the snapshot will send to you, you will design to open the door or not with your phone.

It was a big crowded !

The home server in the Smart Home has camera, Bluetooth switch, and many home appliance set up, such as fan, lights, etc.  This is the concept of Internet of Things.  Everything is connected our UniPCC, and you can remote control everything with your smart phone!

Our product manager showing concept of the set up.

The automated farm box is an other concept of Internet of Things.  With our data collector, UniGate, it gathers values from different sensors and connect with different actuators.  For example, it has a CO detector, when the CO concentration exceed a threshold, the fan will automatically turn on.  

Our Sales Manager answering questions.

Finally, we have our chairman explaining our business model and HermesDDS Cloud Service.  HermesDDS Cloud Service is a easy tool help user buidling connection between different devices and different location.  In tradition, building connection across the net is complicated such as IP setting.  But HermesDDS Cloud Service simplify everything and let everyone enjoy the convenient connected life!

 Thanks for coming!  If any company would like to learn more about our product and service, please do not hesitate to contact us.  We will be pleased to address your question!  (contact:

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